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A copywriter creates written content for the purpose of advertising and other forms of marketing.

A copywriter creates written content for the purpose of advertising and other forms of marketing. The field of copywriting is wide, and can for instance include the creation of brochures, billboards, sales letters, white papers, jingle lyrics, various written advertisements, and scripts for commercials.

With the growth of internet, a special type of copywriters known as digital copywriters or website content writers have developed. Online, copywriters work with the creation of website content, email newsletters, online advertisements, blog posts, social media content, and more. Some companies and organisations retain both traditional copywriters and the online variety, while others hire individuals qualified to fulfil the requirements of both these niches.

Some copywriters are hired directly by organisations in need of copy, while others work for advertising agencies, copywriting agencies, public relations firms, and similar. Freelance writing is common, with the copywriter being paid to create certain content on a project basis rather than being hired as salaried employee.

Advertising agencies typically employ copywriters as a part of a larger creative team that includes members from other professions, e.g. art directors.

Examples of what a copywriter can help with

  • Presenting copy ideas that fit a brief
  • Creating fluent, readable and captivating content for advertisements and other marketing material
  • Various research and fact-checking missions necessary to develop suitable copy
  • Proofreading, checking both for language quality and factual accuracy
  • Ensuring that the copy is original
  • Ensuring that adverts comply with applicable law and codes of advertising practice

Getting the right copywriter for your needs

What to look for in a copywriter will of course depend on the needs of your organisation. It is also important to keep in mind that one copywriter that is ideal for a certain project or campaign might be unsuitable for another.

Copywriter is not a protected title and anyone can call themselves copywriter regardless of skills, experience and background. For you as a client, it is therefore extra important to carefully investigate the copywriter or copywriting agency that you are interesting in hiring, to make sure that they fulfil your requirements.

Many copywriters have an educational background in fields such as journalism, media studies or marketing, or have participated in more specific copywriting courses or training programs.

Examples of points that are good to keep in mind when evaluating the work of a copywriter

A reputable copywriter will be able to present you with a portfolio of their previous work, or samples of the type of productions that they can provide. Here are a few examples of points that are good to keep in mind when you evaluate the work of a copywriter.

  • Does the copywriter have excellent command of the language (or languages) that you want them to use?
  • Is the copywriter capable of writing in varying styles and tones, e.g. to approach different target audiences and tailor the text to various contexts and situations?
  • Is the copy engaging and persuasive?
  • Is the copy clear, understandable and captivating?
  • Is there high attention to detail?
  • Are the facts presented in the copy correct?

Other factors that may impact your satisfaction with a copywriter are their ability to do research, solve problems, handle criticism and rejection, work to deadline, work well under pressure, and to work independently or as a part of a team (depending on your requirements).

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